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Stay Top-of-Mind

Build Relationships

Amplify Marketing

Building a Real Estate Business Should Not Be a Mystery

Without a simple easy way to stay top-of-mind,

it’s going to COST you…

Unseen Social posts

Missed client referrals

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Expensive mailers

Unopened emails

Lost listing opportunities

There's a secret to your successful
Real Estate business.

Discover the key to referrals. Are you curious about what makes your clients want to refer you? Our expert approach will provide you with the answers and strategies you need to replicate referrals over and over.

Take the first step toward building your 7-figure business and beyond. Get access to our top-rated business development courses, coaching, and proven methods. Couple this with a powerful mobile app filled with your own favorite businesses and community resources. Putting your business is on steroids!


Unlocking Success in Real Estate Course

The My Real Estate Mobile App


Tap this video to see an example of an agent's live app in action. Imagine the possibilities for your business.

Unlock Limitless Growth! Say Goodbye to Your Stagnant Database.

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Unlock the Course

Apply the Methods

Explode Your Success

Which of these solutions do you need the most right now?

Cutting Through

Marketing Noise

Every Real Estate Agent, in Every Market, engages in the same marketing/advertising activities.

Stand out and above the noise by capitalizing on the ever-growing tech adoption. Stop your marketing material from ending up in the trash.

Staying Top-of-Mind

After Closing

Our innovative approach will teach you how to tap into the reasoning behind your client's referral decisions.

End the the puzzling frustration of who and how to ask for referrals. We'll show you exactly how to teach your clients to refer you with ease.

Sending Clients to a

One-Stop-Shop Mobile App

Become a trusted advisor to your clients and take your business to the next level. Build lasting relationships.

Clients are constantly on their mobile devices. You will always be top-of-mind with your clients. Be with them every step of the way.

Revolutionize your advertising strategy.
Turn your clients into your external marketing team with our unique method.
And say "goodbye" to costly and time-consuming traditional methods,
and "hello" to effortless promotion.

Allison Quartuccio

Broker/ Partner

Denali Realty Group

The Referral Mindset has completely opened my mind to the future of my real estate business. As a small independent agency in a sea of larger offices, it can be very overwhelming to find a value add on a much smaller budget for our clients and referral network. This isn’t your typical search for houses and text your agent app. This is a one-stop shop resource before, during and after a sale. To me, it’s not just about what I think, it’s about what our clients think. Our clients have been blown away by how easy it is to use and how informative our app is. I am thrilled I stepped outside my comfort zone and so proud of the final result.

Unlocking Success in Real Estate Course

  • Create Consistent Referrals

  • Create a Marketing Team

  • Leverage Other Businesses

  • Creating Trusted Resources

  • The Referral Triangle



Unlocking Success in
Real Estate Course


The My Real Estate
Mobile App


Your Personally Branded
My Real Estate App Includes:

  • Your Trusted Vendors

  • Your Community's Info

  • MLS/IDS Direct Link

  • Your Preferred Resources

  • One Touch Contact

How do I access the course?

You will be sent an email with a link to the course and your login credentials.

How is the course content delivered?

This is a self-study course including videos and downloadable material.

What if I have questions on the program?

There will be a monthly live question and answer virtual meeting once a month. Everything from course material, tech questions, and place to implement these tools will be discussed. There is also on online forum to ask questions and share successes.

What is the time commitment for the course?

The beauty of self-study is you go at your own pace. You will have continuous access to the material so you may watch each lesson as often as you would like.

What if I don't have trusted vendors?

No worries, in our course you will learn how to reach out to vendors, determine if they are a good fit for your clients, and build a working relationship.

What if I don't really have a follow up system?

In our course you will learn how to tailor a system for your community and leverage the mobile app for success.

How can I customize my mobile app?

Everything is customized to you. Your mobile app is fully customized with your brand, including colors, logo, and contact information. You provide all of the information for your mobile app including your resources, trusted vendors, and places in your area. We do the heavy lifting of mobile app development for you .

How do I update my mobile app?

After your mobile app is live, we will modify your content at your request for 90 days. We also keep the tech maintained on an on going base. As the software updates, we will update the servers to keep your mobile app functioning properly.

Will this mobile app work on all my devices?

Yes. That is the beauty of a PWA is that is it also accessible from any smartphone or laptop.  All your information is synced between all your devices, including your laptop, as long as you use the same login information. 

What is a PWA?

The PWA or, Progressive Web App. uses a web browser to access your app. A PWA looks and acts like an app downloaded from the App Stores. The only difference is how your clients download it onto their phones.

Are there any hosting fees?

The introductory offer is a single payment which includes development, design, and hosting. There are no additional hosting fees. You'll have lifetime access to the course as well.

Do I still need my CRM?

The mobile app is a vault of your resources for your clients to access on demand. It is filled with your Trusted Vendors, Your Community information, Your Personal Tips, Your Home Listings, and more for them to access anytime, anywhere.

NOTE: This does not replace your CRM. The mobile app only contains information you choose to share with your clients.

Why do I need a mobile app if my company has one?

Most company mobile apps are designed only to give buyer's listing information to search for homes. After the closing, the majority people delete these mobile apps from their devices, leaving you forgotten. The My Real Estate App is focused to continue your relation - even after the sale. It will keep you top-of-mind and position you as the perfect referral for your clients' family and friends.

Who do clients contact with mobile app questions?

Your users will contact you. If it is a technical problem, you are unable to resolve, please contact us and we will address your questions.

Can I rebrand my mobile app if I change companies?

Yes, however there is an additional fee for this service. As each situation is unique, please contact us for an estimate.

Can I request a refund?

Yes. We honor all refund requests within 14 days of purchase.

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